Tile & Grout Brush

Product #18

The Tile & Grout Brush is uniquely designed to handle tough scrubbing in tight spaces. With an ergonomic rubber grip handle and an angled head, it makes it easier to get tough grime out of any kitchen, bathroom, or between flooring tiles. The narrow brush is made of extra-durable, recycled PET, staple-set fibers to form an ultra-stiff brushing surface.

Key Features

  • Angled head for getting into tight spaces
  • Narrow brush design, excellent for grout
  • .56” x 3.5” scrubbing surface
  • 33 tufts of extra durable, 7/8” recycled PET, staple-set fibers
  • Ergonomic rubber grip handle with thumb rest and hanger hole
  • Ships as a case pack of 6 total brushes

Product Applications

  • Works great in kitchens, bathrooms, or on flooring
  • Removes grout in between flooring tiles and hard-to-reach corners
  • Great for tight spaces around sink fixtures, shower corners and edges, pools, and more

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