#1101 Multi-Surface Heavy-Duty Push Broom

Product #1101

Whether cleaning fine dust or large debris, the Multi-Surface Heavy-Duty Push Broom captures anything across almost any surface. Factory-assembled for durability, this push broom features both firm and flexible, 3” long, recycled PET, stapled fibers. The powder-coated 1” diameter handle resists chipping, even from handle dings. The 36” wide natural hardwood broom block makes this push broom excellent for large spaces such as warehouse and factory floors.

Key Features

  • 36” lacquered natural hardwood broom block
  • 1” x 60” long steel, nylon thread handle with 5” handgrip and hanger hole
  • 3” long, staple-set flagged fibers
  • Combination of firm and flexible, long-lasting fibers made with recycled PET
  • Super tough polymer brace won’t rust or bend
  • Flagged fibers pick up fine dirt and dust
  • Set includes broom head, brace, and handle

Key Features

  • All surface types except for very rough surfaces
  • Large areas such as warehouse and factory floors

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