#994 Commercial Angle Broom

Product #994

The Commercial Angle Broom is specifically designed for everyday cleaning. Featuring a 13” wide sweeping path that can be used on a variety of surfaces, this steel-handled angle broom has stiffer bristles than most other angle brooms, capturing more dirt/debris from rough, sticky, or wet floors. The 5” long fibers are made from recycled PET, creating an effective sweeping path while keeping plastic out of landfills. The handle connection point is protected from pressure and liquid/rust deep inside the broom block.

Key Features

  • 13” wide angle broom with 53” total height
  • 1” steel handle with handle grip and hanger hole
  • 5” long staple-set, flagged fibers
  • Solid, one-piece resin broom block
  • Firm but flexible long-lasting fibers, made with recycled PET
  • Ships as a case pack of 6 total brooms

Product Applications

  • Multi-surface, but especially effective on sticky/wet floors due to it's stiffer bristles
  • Indoor/Outdoor

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