Distributor Testimonials

Dean is happy to work with Libman directly for two reasons. The first reason is that Libman always has products in stock, and the products will always arrive to us promptly. The second reason is the ordering process itself, as the process is nearly effortless when Dean orders from Libman.”

Dean Supply


 Dean Supply - Cleveland, OHio

“Libman has improved our business by promptly fulfilling our orders in full and shipping quickly. Furthermore, Libman provides a domestically made product for our Federal Government customers that is of great quality at a very competitive price. The value is exceptional when compared to the imported competition. Libman far exceeds our typical expectations of a vendor because they rarely back-order anything and ship quickly. In the 12 or so years Lodging Kit been working with Libman, we have never received a single customer complaint regarding the quality or durability of their products. Among several hundred vendors that we distribute for, Libman has been the best shipper with the least amount of backorders. Since 2020 there was only one small backorder of a product that required a component that was imported, otherwise their fill rate is over 99.8% for us. We certainly cannot say the same for our vendors that are bringing in products from overseas."

"Libman’s service has always been top shelf for us (other than the fact that my favorite sales rep didn’t bring me giardiniera from his home near Chicago on his last sales visit!). In all seriousness, I won’t go into detail how “above and beyond” our Libman rep goes for us, or the friendship we’ve built over the years, but I feel very close to the Libman Company because of the great service we get. Whenever any of our employees reach out to him, they get a very prompt and accurate response every time. Finally, we began using Libman because they have great products at a great price, and Libman fills our orders quickly. As a family-owned business, we love working with other family-owned businesses. As a veteran-owned business, we love working with partners who are still manufacturing in the USA."

Lodging Kit Company     

Kent Martin (owner), New York - Lodging Kit

"Libman has improved our business due to the fact that my customers know what the Libman brand is, what it stands for, and they love the quality products that Libman offers. Overall, my experience working with Libman has been great! Libman is always kind and helpful, and my rep is very responsive if we need anything. We switched to Libman products because we simply love Libman! We love high-quality products that are affordable and sturdy for our customers, and we also love the variety of products that Libman has. Even though Libman has high-quality products, they have been shipping my orders neatly, quickly, and efficiently to my door during the current supply chain craziness."

Vacuum Center

Billy McKee (owner), New York - Vacuum Center & Janitorial Supply

"Not often that I make these calls to vendors, but I regret that I waited this long to bring your product into my showroom. I am so proud of the way it looks. It has been on the floor for one day, and I have seen many items come to the counter for checkout. I am so proud of that inventory and the decision I made to bring Libman in. You got me set up quick and delivered quick. Nothing showed up damaged. It was packaged well. I have nothing bad to say, I only regret that I waited this long to bring in Libman. Thank you so much."





"Libman has quality products, and you get the same product every time. This is important as we want to sell our customers quality and consistency. They have a wide variety of great products, and provide great sales sheets."

Amy Hoffman, Ohio - Sunset Janitorial Supply

"The people we work with over at Libman are very easy to work with. They keep us up to date on new items, changes, and provide any support we need. They are always willing to help out. If our sales team has questions, concerns, or need additional assistance, the team over at Libman is always ready to help out, answer those questions, and help us the best they can. It definitely helps that the products are quality products. We never get customer complaints. The products last a long time – the quality really shows through."

Stefanie Tu, California - Betty Mills

"I would say that after 30 years of being in this industry, the products that attracted me first were the brooms. I do not know of a better broom than the brooms manufactured by Libman. That’s what hooked me."

Jimmy Colyer, Mexico - Homecare De Mexico (Swipe)

"There are very few organizations this day and age the size of The Libman Company that still possess the core family owned and operated values that they did when they were founded, but Libman is one of them. Libman’s “Made in USA” Product line is built at a quality level that is second to none, we are lucky to be an authorized industrial distributor of their goods. The staff at Libman are all extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and are always very quick to help us when we are in a jam. If more of our suppliers operated at the level that Libman does, our procurement process would be much more pain free."

Tommy Black, Illinois - Black & Company

"Excellent Service. Great People. Very Knowledgeable People. They are always making sure everything is right and are always following up. It is a pleasure working with Libman Commercial." 

Bek Makhkambaev, New York - A&A Paper

"Besides the products, which are very unique and really cool, the best part of it is customer service. It’s so easy to order. They are so quick and responsive to everything I ask for. I don’t get that out of every vendor. To be able to order what I want and the quantities that I want; and have that quickly done and handled – it makes it easy to be a dealer."

Chuck Shipp, Georgia - Shipp Chemical

"Definitely the quality of it – we don’t have any issues. Libman is always helpful and understanding about anything. Customer service is fantastic. A lot of people do recognize the Libman brand name – leading them to remember that the quality is good and that it’s up-to-par commercially. We have a lot of commercial cleaning companies that come in and recognize the brand so they feel comfortable with us selling it as it is name brand and good quality, hands down."

Sheila Gutierrez, Nevada - Clean Mart

"Libman doesn’t cut corners – they have not lost their step from generation to generation. Due to the quality and the fact that the products are made in the USA, you don’t have to sell it. You just have to show the product and it sells itself. My favorite aspect of working with Libman Commercial is that they make it easy – they resolve problems immediately and you don’t have to jump through hoops. We tell them one time and we get a knowledgeable answer quickly."

Jon Streich, Florida - Cypress Supply

"We chose to be a Libman Commercial distributor because they took the time to show us the product – selling it is easy. My favorite part of working with Libman is the pricing and availability of quality commercial products for our customers."

Brenda Brooks, Arkansas - Krebs Brothers Restaurant Supply Co.