#823 Multi-Surface Heavy-Duty Push Broom

Product #823

Whether cleaning fine dust or large debris, the 24” Multi-Surface Heavy Duty Push Broom captures everything across almost any surface. The 24” polymer broom head clears away all sizes of material with its flexible and firm fibers made from recycled PET bottles. The 60” steel, powder-coated handle forms to any dings and resists chipping. It also comes equipped with a hanger hole on the handle grip for convenient storage.

Key Features

  • 24” polymer broom block for durability and hygiene
  • 1” x 60” steel, nylon thread handle with 5” handgrip and hanger hole
  • 3” long staple-set flagged fibers
  • Firm but flexible long-lasting fibers made from recycled PET
  • Set includes broom head and handle, factory assembled for durability
  • Ships as a case pack of 4 total sets

Product Applications

  • Compatible with all surface types except very rough outdoor surfaces
  • Brace is great for pushing heavier amounts of debris
  • Sweeps up small rocks, small amounts of snow, dirt, dust, mulch, sticks, and more
  • Can be used in wet and dry environments
  • Resistant to most non-acidic chemicals

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